Written by: Nino Beduya

Merciless in your rebukes you walked up to me,
subtle, substantial, sophisticated & sarcastic & I liked
every minute of it, I liked the shame & humiliation
you put me through, the crystal chandelier
that was the highlight of my disgrace
the way our lips almost touched, but not quite
for you pulled them away just in time to leave mine
hanging in midair. You were stunning & dazzling
in your dark evening gown with the jewels
wrapped around your neck & the pearls dangling from your ears,
I would have liked to have more of you, test you, taste you, try you out,
touch you, tussle with you, breathe you in, savor the succulence
of your skin, steal you from the moment’s void
before the walls collapse, eclipse, cave in,
but you had to walk away, you had to rein in,
leaving me with nothing but a lasting sensation
of a rude & abrupt dislocation
from something that was almost immortal,
the transient lucidity of a wayward waltz with a dream