Written by: jan oskar hansen

And now that the UN, more and more unafraid 
of US has finally recognized Palestine as a nation,
or as an aspiring one. Israel has, with reacted 
with fury and are building more settlements on
 occupied land. But it was a victory for Palestine,
Europe and other nation are tired of Israel´s 
Lies that people are out to kill, them, they are not,
But it suits Israel to spread those lies. 
We who have been around for a while know Israel
Will lose support in Europe until they realize they
Are a nation in the Middle East and not “a white”
outpost on the Arabian landmass. And must find
their peace there and not harking back to violation
that happened to its people… in Europe.  
PS in 1994 the Arabian league declared they would
Recognize I Israel´s right to be a nation if it 
Accepted Palestine as a sovereign state…the offer 
Was ignored both by USA and Israel.