Now I fall upon my meat,
Swallowing whole what I eat
Victims feed a savage beast,
Bowing a ghastly head to feast.

Obsidian plagues a callous heart,
Slashing raw torn flesh apart.
Glassy eyes hold an accusing stare,
But I too ravenous to even care.

Now obscenely contemplate,
Patience to methodically wait
For supper to appear,
Anticipation clear.

Amber eyes fiercely glow,
Under waxen moon hung low
Glistening off crimson smile,
Drooling with fetid bile.

Rancid meat between sharp fangs,
Only incites the hunger pangs.
My only mercy I shall show,
A quickening death I'll bestow.

Striking deathblow with unholy might,
Leaving no chance for you to fight.
Hush now intrepid aberration,
It's only your imagination.