Song of the Lawyers

Written by: Ian Thomas Phillips

When a body needs work done
Against his neighbor, a lawsuit won,
   A lawyer is the man that you must call.

Every word to him you'll say
Is duly figured in his pay 
   -You should be glad he doesn't take it all.

The lawyer is a hired man, 
for a fee he'll do whatever he can,
   Like mercinary prostitutes he'll fight,

But if he gets to wanting more
(And here he differs from the whore),
   He'll send a sheriff to come and take his "right."

When you finally go to court
Opposing counsel's case to thwart,
   Do not feel as if they system smothers,

Of Judge and lawyers, have no fears,
The case may take just a few years-
   In bastard-justice eyes' they are half-brothers!

Some lawyers, they fear honest work,
Behind their statutes they must lurk,
   Pay the lawyer, how else will he eat?

Either way you'll win or loose,
It is the choice that you must choose,
   For his suits would wrinkle begging on the street.