Written by: Keith Bickerstaffe

From out the swirling surf 
he plucked a maiden fair, and in distress, 
whose innocence intrigued him so 
that he could not confess in speech, 
articulate her loveliness. 

He took her to his breast and blessed her, 
held her close, and quieted her fears; 
it was as if she knew him well, 
such recognition in her eyes, 
as joy and peace didst dry away her tears. 

They joined in union and enjoyed 
the purest of all sacraments, 
unsullied by lascivious display. 
They blended, as a tree merged with the sky, 
a fusion of the elements. 

He was immortal, she a nymph, 
protected by his gentle touch, 
a child of God in need of succour, 
he the providence that calmed her, 
proffered bliss she craved so much. 

They were lovers found in time, 
wanderers who claimed their haven, 
dreamers living heaven, 
bound together now as one 
and sanctified, in synergy.