I blame my jeans

Written by: Katherine Poetryskates

I apologize for being so stupid
Though I believe it’s the fault of my jeans.
They are so tight they compress my emotions
And the gas from my lunch of baked beans

I guess my parents were lacking
As they had not many jeans of their own.
And though mother was quite good at sewing,
I don’t think the best jeans are home sown.

Maybe it was my early surroundings
My auntie was as deaf as a post.
But I loved her so much I didn’t mind that.
I’m stupid yet she loved me the most.

I guess Someone owes me an apology
for creating me dimmer than thou.
If I was merely ignorant
I’d just have some learning to do.

If someone doesn’t like my opinion
And they attack me by calling me names,
Then that’s not a reciprocal relationship.
I don’t want to play epithet games.

Well,here my day’s lesson is ending
As I’ve shared my stupidity plain.
I’ll just get some bigger size trousers…
Tight jeans are no help for the brain.