A Road Still Driven

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Searching here and there, hither and thither not knowing when to stop
The road is long the path is narrow the hill so steep, is there a top?
Each twist and turn, a new obstacle, something else to overcome
But there is a way, a map for your world, no trail of biscuit crumb

Love finds you when you are lost, when the mist swallows you up
It clears away the storms; it keeps filled the cup from which you sup
The road becomes a pathway, the pathway becomes a road
The hill becomes level; love even carries that heavy load

The road well driven may not be the best, just because it’s used oft
Sometimes a change of direction helps find us when we are lost
Our road still driven need not make us worry, and should never us daunt
The road we are on needs a bump or two, it needs a little tease and taunt

A road so straight and often used, becomes a boring drive
We need a few little obstacles to remind us we are alive
So take your love hold it close, use it to guide your way each day
Then the road still driven will not be arduous, you will always find your way.

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