that was almost

Written by: tanaka chirombo

Me now travol trom home
To town me find a lot of pipo running away
Me don know wat has happened
Me suddenly find da police van pull up
Dey say they want to take me
I ask dem wat I have done
Da police laugh and dey hit me in da belly
Me triy to run dey thro me down
One police man shouted he didn't do wrong
Me triy to say dey hit me in da belly
Now wat happened was a night mare
They hit me in da belly
Dey rolling me like a chicken
Dey called me thief
Dey kicked me a lot but me started to cry
Dey laugh and laugh but I stoped to cry
Now what happened was heaven
I got up I hit one in head
And he started to cry
Den suddenly all of dem ran after me 
Me started to shake almost urinated
Suddenly dey caught me den me started to sing 
Dey laughed dey laugh 
Den I started to remove my cloths
Dey now thot I was mad person
Dey quickly got back in the van as they thot dey caught da wrong person
Den me ran home
I told my mom dat was so close