prolonged stay in power

Written by: chipepo lwele

One day,I stood on the mountain
Watching security forces using force to disperse demonstrators
Who had gathered in  the commercial capital___
Blocked off traffic to a large part of the city:
To protest against their leaders' prolonged years in power.

His henchmen believe that he has kept his country,
On a relatively stable economic path:
But critics say at the expense of good governance.
He has won several elections and secured many terms in office___
Results that opposition parties denounce as fradulent.

Moreover it was a peaceful demostration.
But a large number of well-armed police,
Deployed by the oppressive regime :
Used water cannons, teargas,and other weapons,
To disperse and brutalise thousands of opposition supporters

And I saw several observers and journalists,
Attending the event being beaten by security personnel.
And they wounded many that assembled there,
They also,confiscated phones and digital cameras:
From anyone shooting images of the incident,
To make cover up of the worst military rule.

chipepo lwele
Dedicated to Muammar Gaddaffi,Ian Smith,Robert Mugabe and Bashar Al-Assad