My Friend MY PEN

Written by: Therese Bacha

                                   My Friend My Pen.

Moments ago my world has gone grey my lover who for years 
has governed my entire creation is walking away. 

My energy failed me i felt cold when my dark mind went astray 
I could not understand why? why I had to judge him hold a grudge 
against him his reasons should be justified hopefully one day. 

Staying home alone could not calm my storm
Wanting to talk and share my pain I searched for 
Someone but it was all in vain nobody was free
Friends were passive and non receptive. 

My persistence pushed me to climb up my favorite tree 
And find my old friend my pen which cannot talk or walk 
But knows whats in my soul will search to find a way to give
Me hope to accept & cope that my lover was walking away 
And my world was turning grey.

My Pen 
And I worked as a team for years forces me to dream 
Lifts me up high when I start to sigh encourages me 
Not to frown but to smile and comply to forget that my world 
Turned grey because i was about to be given away as a prey
Due to my lover walking away.

My Pen 
Stood by me when my days got cold & nights 
were dead as i refused to be fed i did not want 
to hear or fear that i should be ready to obey 
that my lover was walking Away.

My Pen 
My friend convinced me to stay as a mistress and 
begged me nothing should come to an end please 
defend his fate and admit to submit your love to 
him before he goes away as maybe someday he'll 
come back on any other day. 

Leaving my friend My Pen hanging alone on the tree 
I felt an uncontrollable urge to run be free to hold his 
Picture take a glance just a glance but in seconds tears 
Started dripping out of it. I sat on my rocking chair 
Staring through the night carrying my pain in my heart.
I needed to stay speechless not even a wink of hope 
Having no right at the moment to end it here i knew 
what i had to be doing I needed to remain his hero 
even helpless i will love my lover remembering years 
ago when our path crossed each other we froze stunned 
locked our eyes and uttered the unspoken It was love at 
first sight.

My Pen woke me up one day to open my mail I found a 
note from My lover unexpectedly my breathing stopped 
the excitement to search through his soul gave me the 
reason to jump and read. It said:

My Darling:
I have a confession to make why i walked away 
Let us connect to talk as it feels a lifetime has gone by
During your absence the clock is ticking our now will 
Become a past i beg you heal my pain and allow 
Me to recreate the moment that could last forever
As I never lost my passion loving you.

You have to understand the gravity of my sickness 
i pray to have a second chance as my thoughts were 
out of control had to take my own punishment in silence 
the day i woke up with no memory because of those attacks 
I was giving you a hard time but i loved you since day one.

When i am awake even when my thoughts abandon me 
i feel you are my a-liveliness does that make any sense to you? 
Wait for me help me build the ruins around my brain
allow your miraculous hands to cure me.

Due to my medications nothing makes sense to me anymore one 
day I am here another day I am unaware who I am how I look 
What I think where am I will I live will I die help me feel 
Anything something help me to heal.

My Pen my friend dropped from my hand leaving me alone 
to sink and think. Suddenly i felt my pillow was wet my forehead 
was sweating my whole body was shaking I have to let him 
Comeback like nothing ever happened I called out loud 
Come my way and stay. I love you my man my lover.
I dialed his number.

                         Thank You My Friend
                               "My Pen".