Love Poem Generator: Megamind

Written by: Juli- Michelle

Turned out odd, thought I would share it anyways: 
My Love, Megamind

Your skin glows like the Blueberry, blossoms 
Beautiful as the Blue Bonnet in the purest hope of spring.
My yearning heart rises to your Piano voice 
and leaps like a Bluejay at the whisper of your name, 
The evening ascends in on a great Bluejay wing.
I am calmed by your Glove that I carry i
nto the twilight of Skybeams and hold next to my Hand. 
I am filled with hope that I may dry your tears of Water. 
As my Heart falls from my Sleeve, 
it reminds me of your River. 
In the hushed, I listen for the last Rushing of the spring.
My heated Lips leaps to my Shoe. 
I wait in the crystal moonlight for your secret Water 
so that we may Smiling as one, Lips to Lips, 
in search of the glorious Blue and spiritual light of love.