A Road Still Driven

Written by: Yanny Widjanarko

Languished at the end of my cavity
Abandoned in neurotic presumptions
In time disappear without a whisper
The silence humming sore

A solely who lives without a role
A soul bewildered, unstable

The soul which yearn for the color of sky
Souls which howling for a vivid

Occasional rustle awaken by the rhythm of mind
Not much but longitudinally drilled within the sense

It is an art which lasting
Continuously, persistently
Though the monotony unable to kill the instincts of a poet

Even if she wanted to ...

The role of enlighten soul reborn behind the turbulence of a spirit
Once it stood as a strong independence of a privacy
Unable be asleep nor raped
It's still there evaporating my life

This road which still driven
The long journey of a poet
Forget how this start, unsure when it ends
I prefer to drive it along as long as I could live

                                               8th Place
                                 "A Road Still Driven" Contest
                                   Sponsor	Michael J. Falotico