Dee's Ticking Time Bomb

Written by: Dee Cheatham

When Is Enough , Enough?
Will I Ever Get A Guy
Not The Ones In The Movie
Cuz There Not Real 
Too Me . I Love A Nigga 
Who Pushes Me
Loves Me Just For Me
And He Gotta Be A Mocha
I'll Take A Tyrese If He's 
Spreading Love From Too 
Mc Royals 
King And Queen To 
Be Exact . I'll Treat 
Him Rite I Swear I'll  
Treat Him Rite.
That's Why God 
Hasn't Allowed One
He Gave Me Soot Under
Your Toes
Turn Around 
Make Me Feel Like A hoe
Spreading Lies Of I love
Spreading Lies Just To Know 
Why Am I A Laughing Stock
Do You Think I Dont Hurt
Do You Think  I Wanna Deal
With Another Motherfucka
Knowing How I Hurt
Naw I Got Better Things To Do 
Getting Money , E D U
I Could Even Focus On A Home 
And Car But What Good Is That
Cuz There's No You 
There's No Us 
There's No We 
there's No Fuck Em You And Me 
. There's No Him There's No 
She there's No Baby's Put 
Together To Make Her 
To Make Them.
 I Could Be Single 
I Can Be Single 
Cuz I Am
But When Is Enough  Enough?