Written by: Carl Fraser

This curse has chased him for eternity,
He smashes his mirror so he cant see
He sits alone and howls at the distant moon,
Transformation is coming soon
Waiting on a naive morsel to pass his way,
He now must feed before break of day
He rues the day of his vile creation
Another damned soul in a souless nation.
He bites himself just to savor the blood in his teeth,
The monster rises  somewhere from the dark beneath,
There is no doubt he must feed
Its not lust or greed 
Just a hellhounds need
He wakes naked in a field blanched by 
morning sun,
Surveying atrocities he has done
 This full moons sacrifice lay next to him
Another carcass ravaged on a whim
Back in human form he wretches at his state,
Each passing day is a darker fate.
Running with the pack in the nights ebb and flow,
He prays for the silver bullet before he wakes up next to someone he knows.