Sixteen Questions

Written by: Luke Irwin

If I confessed my pensive mind, would you interrupt me?
If I longed to show you something stirring, would you look?
If I wrote you your own poem, would you read it?
Would you press it in the pages of a book?

If I tried to give you something would you take it?
If you were shivering, would you let me keep you warm?
If I took a little trip, would you go with me?
Would you walk with me if it began to storm?

If I brought you wine would you drink with me?
If you wept, could I dry your tear?
If I took your hand would you dance with me?
If I serenaded would you hear?

If I kissed you, would you keep your eyes closed?
Would you comfort me if I began to cry?
When I’m gone do you ever miss me?
If I left you would you stop to wonder why?