Faith And Liberty

Written by: Dan Kearley

Pioneering through time on the backs of others As life was lived in two separate forms of vain Leaving us with Choice and Faith for the future May have all their lives been worth all the pain For now they are trying to take away our Liberty To bring a demise and fall to our Faith To spread an evil throughout the whole world That will fill the land with a bitter hate Without our Faith we will have no Liberty And without our Liberty we will have no Choice Once our Faith and Liberty are both taken away We will then no longer have any Voice Faith and Liberty were what built this land To fullfill the whole world with its needs Take those two things out of Gods plans And he will bring this world to its knees With those two things this world is a playground That we all live on with our lives each day Take away those two things from all our lives And this world may soon see its last days FAITH...Something that should never be lost or taken away LIBERTY...Something nearly already lost and forgotten today We all better keep watch....Before it's to late...
Dan Kearley:12-7-12