Life Sabotage

Written by: Yanny Widjanarko

I am the muteness behind naivete
Born as the duplication of despair, flunked
A demented soul
An impaired self of bureaucracy

Jaded at the tip of shadow
Above it stood the gray
Quietly stabbed the main arterial venous of the real life chemistry
Sneaking low to a shallow sac of each personal sense

Like a deadly poison, odorless nor tasteless
The fall gradually buried in faint

Lost images, abstained lite
Living as the reality of achromatic which yet spurred

Speaking of the colorless 

Speak to the life with no magic

The life which got sucked by the spell of affliction
Beneath the autism of a blur
Life decayed when the magic got sealed
Illumination shriek within the cavity of its dull voice

Speaking of the somber

Speak to the life with no magic

                                               Honorable Mention
                                Life with no magic Free Poetry Contest 
                                             Sponsor Sandy Ivy D