Dare not speak its name

Written by: lee dobson

Playin games, say no names. 
Keep mine off ya lips and i'll do the same. 
Let's not make it personal, 
think more vertical. 
Ya too horizontal. 
Step out of virtual into reality. 
Make it workable in this galaxy. 
Certianly hurtable if done callously. 
So make it searchable free from fallacy. 
Something learnable find what the balance be... 
between good and evil. 
Understood? Is this Concievable? 
I can See underfoot, its still retreivable. 
Not too high to be overheavable. 
Knowing my strength is unbelievable. 
They lie about whats achievable? 
A multitude of possabilities is certianly reachable. 
Question the probabilities of it being preachable. 
Trust in my ability to make it breachable. 
Lose the hostility, so cold.. Be heatable. 
Allow me to warm ya hearts. Mines is keepable.