Fond Memories

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Holding on to my Nan’s hand, we walked around the lake
The snow was deep all around and there were kids tying on skates
My Nan squeezed my hand and we set off to the little wooden café
Smoke was spiraling out of the stove pipe stack and to my surprise we went in
There was no money but my Nan told me she was buying me a treat  
“You always miss out on the treats when everyone is around 
Treats to them are sweets and you don’t like them and I understand that.”
The treat she had for me alone was a cup of hot milky Horlicks and a scone
A scone with no jam, and an unsugared drink.  We watched the kids play
We sat watching the snow fall and she told me that ten American airmen had died there
Just where the children were playing, she had seen the crash happen
When life got her down a bit she would walk to the lake and buy a cup of tea 
She had watched the oak trees that were planted as a memorial to the men grow
She knew that those men would have given anything to be where she was now
Short of money but with her granddaughter enjoying time together.
She smiled and squeezed my hand across the table.
My Nan taught me such a lot.
© 7/12/2012

Entry For ‘Fond Memories’ Contest sponsored By C Cornish