Tesu A Folk Love Story of India 6

Written by: Ravindra K Kapoor

Tesu A Folk Love Story of India  Part. 6

Prelude Note: Please see Part 05 for Prelude Note

Important Note: Sorry friends for some delay in writing the next part 6th of this 
Beautiful Love Story. The reason for writing this wonderful story is the fact the gradually the traditional singers (boys and girls) of Tesu, who used to come once in a year with the earthen pot and a light in it on their heads,  while singing the songs of Tesu have almost disappeared. This year on Dewali no Tesu was seen by me. I hope that those who have an open heart for other cultures and their beliefs and traditions would welcome this series and would find wonderful love story worth enjoying. Love and best wishes…..

Tesu A Folk Love Story of India  Part. 6

While planning the strategy of Mahabharata* war,
Krishna was worried only about one thing,
He knew that there was none to match his Arjuna 
His most beloved disciple  except the mighty warrior Tesu. 15

Unfortunately that hero Tesu was preparing to fight
From the side of Kauravas, who were on a wrong path
Krishna also knew that Tesu's weakness was his determination
That he would fight for those, who were weak and at a losing end. 16

Krishna also knew that Tesu was true to his commitments
And he would not agree to change his side only because
Lord Krishna was asking him to fight from the side of those
Who wanted to establish the principles of truth and justice. 17

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Mahabharata War* - The great war which took place many thousand of year back.