I felt the world is falling apart at night,
With thunders and lightening roar,
But the sight of a bright morning,
Made me feel all better and alive.
My human instinct never failed me,
It led me to the source of the light,
Where I could start to see clearly,
Into the horizons not far from reach.

It’s the hope, the light and dreams,
Which drives me to the top of the world.
I know I am a dreamer dreaming,
But my conscious is clear on my dreams.
Like a shooting star, my star shines,
Moving across the dark clouds like a tail,
A tail of fierce fire that never puts off, 
This is the day my dark meets light.

The shinning horizons fuels my dreams,
The sound of birds chirping a hymn,
Makes me feel I am alive today.
Rubbing shoulders with my reality in life,
Is another feeling of life within me, 
A life that is worth with every heart beat,
To live and breathe the scent of life,
That makes it a life of beautiful roses.

It’s the hope that drives my today,
Hoping my tomorrow will come to life,
For today is borrowed and so is tomorrow,
And every day is a blessing to enjoy.
My hope keeps me on the rise,
Moving to the unknown without fear,
For it is without fear I build my hopes,
Hoping to create a life in my castle.