The light went out in her eyes,
Fading with hope's demise.
Her soul flickers like a firefly,
It grows dimmer as time goes by.

He never should have raised a hand,
At his first punch she should've taken a stand.
She stays cause she don't know how to leave,
positivity pinning optimism to her shirt sleeve.

Holding out hope, someday he'll change,
It's better then being alone, how strange.
It's only a shove here, the pulling of hair,
The hundreds of times "I'll change I swear."

A slap 'cause work sucked, it's her fault anyway.,
Ignorance bliss refusing to see, it's everyday.
Another bruise when supper's not right,
Anything she does just to pick a fight.

The squeal of tires at his exodus,
There won't be more abuse, that's a plus.
The light winked out in her eyes today,
The smoking gun rests in the driveway.