Written by: Addam Hughes

Hey, at least I write.
Its my only defense against the 
And its many red lights

I'm good to go, who hasn't seen
I'm always right there
Just passionately listening

There's so much pressure
On our situations
We kill this time
all with our own fixations

And think of the others
The millions of fathers, mothers,
Sisters and brothers
Who pass the time abusing 

And even yet, some main line 
For an even bigger hit
But screw all that and watch the
"Better half"
As they drive to the bank and Polish 
their "golden calf"

Yea, I'd rather write
It doesn't hurt a soul
Even when it bites

I don't hit women or hurt babies to 
I walk my path home and pitch a 
New tent

Its really, really hard. Trust me
I know
when all you have is time to kill the 
pain below

So you like me
Bare these time quite bitterly
we sing. We dance. 
We get messed up no matter the 

I pass this time the good, defying 
Life will come thru
Just move what's in the way

Human fixation rules both good and 
bad. Just stay on your feet and pick 
your own path.