Looking For a City

Written by: Robert Davidson

Are you looking for a city? I guess there's only one!
It's filled with peace and comfort when life's' short journeys run.
You cannot miss this city, it has mansions everywhere;
You only have to reach it to find the one who cares!

There are no wars or famines, tears, illnesses or pain,
All you need's a bit of faith, a tiny little grain.
Reach upwards to the heavens, acknowledge Christ as king:
Take the key for your mansion, then hear the angels sing.

They're singing songs of gladness for another soul set free,
From sins devouring anguish, to join their company!
Keep hold of faith, it's precious, right to the very end,
Then you'll meet with Jesus your truly greatest friend.

Linda- Marie you've made it to the glorious heights above,
there is no greater joy than God's surrounding love!
Thank you for the moments you've given to us all,
you've left us with remembrances we'll be happy to recall.