Written by: Nick Vasquez

No one knows, who he is
Introverted, but direct when need be
Calm of mind, he doesn't speak much
He’s a strong silent type, his actions are his words
Others see him as the opposite, 
Loud and boisterous, with a tendency to inflate his ego
And yet, to those he does not know, he is the silent thinker
Strong of mind, and strong of body; he knows what he stands for.

Verbally asserting himself, and fighting for what he believes
Always ready to help those who need it, even at the expense of his own health
Seen as a leader by some, a mentor by others, and a friend by all
Quixotic in nature, but well grounded in reality
Unless it involves love or his never ending desire for power
Equal are the two desires, lust and power
Zealous in his approach, he still has much to learn about the world