Midnight Mistress


Wallowing in self-pity's whiskey colored glasses,
Medicinally drowning hangover till it passes.
Strung out on unforeseen good-byes,
Hot tears well in blood-shot eyes.

Curtains drawn to the ignorant daylight,
Counting up things you never did right.
Unanswered messages clamoring to be heard,
The chirp of the machine like an annoying bird.

Tossing cards into a baseball cap,
Every miss accusing you a sap.
An empty glass summons  again,
From bottles always drawing to an end.

All things that could, went wrong,
No place where devotion can belong.
Hoovering addictive nicotine smoke,
Feeling up couch change withdrawals broke.

Begging and borrowing one more hour,
Before midnight leeches willpower.
Voodoo pins poking sodden fool,
Appropriate tormenting tool.

A gun lay at the foot of the bed,
Beckoning lover's song of the dead.
Flies frenzy discarded Chinese takeout,
Cottony jade colors progressively sprout.

Whiskey colored glasses enhance the fog,
Medicinal cure christened hair of the dog.
Blessedly shit-faced once again,
Midnight mistress demands where you've been.