The Day the Magic Died

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

All of the Magic 
erased from the world
darkness without end
no children laughing
a mass of drone like beings
wishing for nothing
not even sad dreams remain
black magic also died today
The poets have all thrown away their pens
no more reason to write
movies have been destroyed
there will be no christmas this or any other year
this is truly the darkest day the world has ever known
I would continue to write
but the lack of desire has turned my heart to stone
I will live out the rest of my days in darkness
not even the stars can free me from this desperation
I am being sucked down into the abbys
no thought of being rescued not even the desire exists
I am alive and still I remain dead 
a spirit without dreams
magic has departed
will it ever return?
Perhaps a distant spark remains
No I am wrong
did it ever exist?
who cares?

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