Magical intervention sent to this prison,
Chilled inferno aglow beneath six hells risen.
Breaths haze the fissured mirror glass,
Watching reality's teaming mass.

On the outside looking covetedly in,
Wanting to be part, is that such a sin?
Palms blister against enchanted fissured glass,
The touch of illusion just out of grasp.

Kept a prisoner against immortal will,
My only company the mirror's sweltering chill.
I engage ice spawned demons guarding me here,
Brimstone's pungant mists hovers ever-near.

I so long for an adventurous brave lover,
To conquer this battle that I must recover.
Riding up on a radiant white steed,
To quench this overwhelming need.

A whimsical fantasy never to be,
a souless fool wallowing in misery.
This fissured glass that loneliness dwells,
Discord impregnate the six mystic hells.