the write

Written by: Charles Henderson

Come be with me, my journey in substance,
of the life and times of self discovery.
Join my walk across the realm of the pen,
born in the poverty which only comes of innocence.
Blooming as I traverse the subconscious corner
between the obscure and enlightenment,
each jot, tittle or faint observation written
with utmost care and compassionate resonance.
To lure, as sirens did the ancient mariner.
To nit, to nag, to even scold,
with impunity, riding the words, 
the thoughts to invade the reader’s soul
and soar high, through regions void of volition.  
To lift them to a higher plain of thought,
to surround with the innocence of angel breath singing.
Oh God, let them feel what I feel as I write the word.