Today We Are In Love

Written by: Therese Bacha

  ~Today We Are In Love~

We are in love since 43 years: 
Today we know how to get back to the way we used to be 
by removing our internal bleedings.
Love today as it is a present from God if not our now can 
disappear when we are not there and that now will be lived 
without memory.

We are in love. 
Today our hunger for each other will grant our shadows never 
to be separated.
Today we are in love as we cannot live without it,every night 
our craving to be in bed together is never ignored.
Now our given love is immeasurable immortal sacred miraculous 
full of passion voluntarily.

Our Love today has the strength and beauty 
that would never die.
Our Love Today could light each others lanterns 
with our flaming kisses when our hearts 
might feel the darkness arrival.

Today we could have a life with a remarkable strength 
run together towards the ocean lie on the wet sand hand in hand 
allow one wave to engulf us 
to the unknown.

Today we could save each others souls 
when needing protection & patience 
time will heal all our anxieties 
by allowing our future to
never work against us. 

Today we will stop grieving over 
our past unhappinesses when we are together 
but live in the present not to allow it to escape us.
Today we could love our love that 
is durable & not forget to watch 
each others eyes and lips craving to be together 
linger through that journey to a future 
that never existed before.

Today we will think just to remember 
our living moments cling to our life 
and make it easier to breath.
Today our love will venture to drink from the fountain of lovers 
laid under the nightingales branches 
while singing a melody of love.  

His voice his face his eyes urges me to vow and bow
tell him how much I love him, I want him to listen
to the echo of my voice forever repeating 
you are my spirit my soul
my whole existence without you 
i prefer to melt into ashes.
We are in love since 43 years:                             
At this stage our love could breath and not suffocate 
feel the freedom of the moment 
freedom of smelling the earth 
freedom of feeling the heat 
freedom of imagining the gift of beauty in having choices 
to be cuddled as we are feeling younger 
and so deeply in love.                                   

We will sleep just to dream how growth is so exquisite 
as they leave traces in the mind,which will develop into 
engraved images. 
Today our love will feel life to be so intense 
when we are lucky to watch the birds 
arriving from a long journey craving to rest 
on top of our nest: why? 
we know they sense a connection 
which is our love. 

Today is why our life combined with our love 
is so precious full of hope & love 
passion & compassion
with tears of joy
caressing our lips.

Now at the end of this wise philosophy of how to be in love 
we both wish all lovers to reach out for the rainbow 
to color their colored existence 
when in love.

                                                                         Therese Bacha  Win. No. 4
 Best Love Poem contest for PD.                             12/5/2012