Message in a Bottle

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Message In A Bottle

I had a dream last night to take our boat out like we did all the time together.  It used to be our romantic getaway, away from the insanity of the world.  It was a time that we both stared into one another eyes, lost for words on the feeling that overcame our hearts at that moment. Death came without its warning and took you away my love and left me lonely from a heart to bleed. However, just the other night, I had a dream that while I sailed away destiny planned for me to get closer to you somehow.  Your beautiful kept flashing in my dream t reflecting from our love. Out of desperation, I’m taking the boat trip that I never thought I would again without you.  Something in my heart is telling me to believe in what seems impossible for love is powerful in itself. I finally get to the ocean and I take a deep breath as I reflected upon the memories we had on the water. How the sunset would paint its passion in your eyes just before the sun went down. How the waves still echo the sound of your laughter that brought life to my days, brought life in the rhythm of the waves as they welcomed us on their sublime. Hours went by and I was beginning to think that perhaps it was just a dream and dreams are only created through hopes of the heart. I closed my eyes and softly went into a trance where I fell into a harmonious sleep. I haven’t slept so peacefully since you’ve been gone.  I felt something touching my hand that was stretched out on the side of the boat. It was a clear bottle floating on the water with a message inside. I quickly grabbed the bottle and unfolded the fragile paper. It stated, “I’m in the peacefulness of all your dreams and I’m with you right now. Take a look into the sunset and you will see me looking at you with open arms. I haven’t gone anywhere where you can’t find me. I love you. Forever love, Lisa."  Tears began to fill my eyes as I quickly gazed at the sky.  The sunset surely appeared and there she was looking right at me with that smile of radiance. In that moment, I knew that death does not mean an end but a new beginning through a different plain. As a result, I hold onto that message in the bottle so faithfully and cherish every sunset, just to be with her.  

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