Pieces of a Letter

Written by: Lillie Williams

Pieces of A Letter

Tonight is tonight that I
Find out where I stand
I’m nervous, shaking
Trembling in my hand
You kept telling me that between
Us things would get better
If this being the case
Explain these pieces of a letter

I found it on your night stand
Next to your bed
When I read it, it gave
Me a pain in my head
This guy said that with you
He had a good time
He made it sound sexy
And tried to rhyme

As I read these pieces
Of a letter
It hurt inside
Because I knew deep down 
To me you had lied
You made me feel alive
And always charmed
I have always kept you safe
And secure from harm.

It’s hurting me inside to think
Of you and him as being a pair
And the running of his
Fingers through your hair
When we were walking 
Barefoot through the sand
You could have told me
You had another man

When you tore up the letter
And left it by your bed
Did you do it to play me
And mess with my head?
My love for you goes deeper
Than the bottom of the sea
Now your lies and letter
Have all but destroyed me

Did you plan these pieces of
A letter so I could see
That all your life you
Wanted to be free?
I guess it’s over and
Nothing left to say
I guess I’ll move on and
Lick my wounds another day
You hurt me real bad, and
These tears I cannot hide
But at least I know now girl
How you really feel inside