Written by: Nobert Mathumo

Two weeks before the killing
She had that feeling
Truth could not be swayed
By this tourist’s agenda
She knows no baptism
That is a word of foreign origin
A horrendor ordeal
Good report for the press

While for my interests it strikes an appeal
Appetite for a thought’
The voice news paper states
“Identify the alleged assailant”
While the Eco has put an identity parade
Grieving the death of a new bride
Hijacked by the city lights

They were last seen..
The middle star bar..
From afar
Dressed to kill
Red shot skirt
Marching sharp heel boots
She got the last kiss from a bottle of savanna
She had been engaged for a while now
Suddenly there is Silence………………!!!!!!!
Have they found the assailant”?

Nobmath@ DYSIS inc 2012