Sojourn in nature's lap

Written by: Yesha Shah

Rich velvet green and sun kissed feeling the caress of clouds touch of mist over their crowns Sahyadri's tall peaks Silvery serpentine streams cascading down to hill's foot, anointing the land with pure elixir of life Rows of pyramid enthrall majestic slopes well crafted, the One Master Creator's mesmerizing Art! I traverse the curvy paths icy breeze ruffling my hair.. calm waters of serene lake making me pensive. Vibrant flourishing flowers with the dainty butterflies, sway in harmonious rhythm, perfect symphony! Inhale deep, my brief sojourn bask in the lap of nature Soaking in as much beauty my soft heart could hold! Yesha Shah 5th Dec 2012 For Russel Sivey's Natural Dodoitsu contest