Written by: Cyndi MacMillan

Denied and inverted for nearly two decades,
double crossed by the Ten Swords of futility,
severed by the barrenness of their blades,
then betrayed by my body’s treachery,
despite its soft curves and femininity. 

Hope will reign; joy I chose not to suppress 
so vows were pledged to a babe long forbade
of abundant love from Mother Empress.

I stood upright and the deck was re-laid,
the Sun shone its glory, Cups filled for me,
a child was conceived as passions played
and Venus, quite moved, showed complicity... 
Oh, new life! Gift of overwhelming beauty!

My changing form I’d gratefully caress
as lullabies swelled to harmonious cascades 
of abundant love from Mother Empress.

How precious are blessings that are delayed,
this is my message of prosperity:
often our fortunes are plagued and waylaid
but are freed by nurtured creativity
or the miraculous first flutter of fertility. 

Now, stars dance in my crown, fruit adorns my dress,
Dear Querent, symbols to you are relayed
of abundant love from Mother Empress.

At last, nature has entwined with destiny,
I’ve opened my heart to trust and happiness,
Rejoice in my news! Accept this decree 
of abundant love from Mother Empress.

*This is a modified ballade. The rhyme scheme has been altered and I played fast and loose with the syllable count. 

About this poem:

This poem features some tarot terminology. 

The Empress is one of the Major Arcana cards and in an upright position is a symbol of fertility, love, abundance, femininity and prosperity. Inverted can mean infertility, discontentment and absense of creativity. She is often represented wearing a crown of stars and a pomegranate patterned gown.  

A querent is the subject of a tarot reading. 

The Ten of Swords is considered to be one of the most ominous tarot card and conveys disaster, loss or betrayal. 

The Sun is also a Major Arcana card and usually signifies happiness. 

Cups are an emotional suite, many from this suite signify joy and love, unless inverted. 

I have long identified with the Empress. I was infertile for 16 years, but I've always loved nature, children and all things creative. The Empress was often my personal significator card.

For a picture of the Empress card, please click on the About My Poem link, if you are able.