A Christmas Dinner

Written by: Joyce Johnson

Our new minister was very young.
His bride was even younger.
My daddy said they looked to be
Just one short step from hunger.

My mama was the best cook
In the whole wide countryside.
She felt sorry for the preacher
And his timid little bride.

My mama had been canning fruits
Since the first weeks of September,
And baking pies and cakes and such
Since early in December.

She invited the young couple 
To come for Christmas dinner.
You should have seen his eyes light up.
He knew he had a winner.

I always sat by Daddy
Who took good care of my plate.
He gave me the choicest pieces
And cut it up before I ate.

I was really mad at Mama
When she put the preacher's wife,
Beside my daddy, in my place,
Where I'd sat all my life.

I saw him fill her plate up
As the good food came around.
The young bride sat there smiling
And she didn't make a sound.

And then my mama noticed
When he was cutting up her meat.
She said, "You needn't do that, Joe."
Her voice was soft and sweet.

My daddy looked at Mama
To hear better what she said
Then down at his table neighbor.
I could see his face turn red.

She said, "Thank you, Mr. Armey
For treating me so well."
What Mama said to Daddy later,
I am not free to tell.


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