Once In A Lifetime

Written by: Jack Ellison

They're once in a lifetime These moments of joy The first time you rattle That colourful new toy Your first day at school With the rest of the kids Your hair all slicked down Bad smells Mom got rid The ultimate joy Of your first tender kiss The shock when she tells you Her period she missed A puff from a cigarette Makes you dizzy and ill The beer in the closet I remember it still The joy of first child The smell of their skin The softness of touch Their sweet tiny grin Your first big promotion The raise that you get The first time you notice A grey hair NO NOT YET! Middle age then follows With a sickening thud It's all over now Your life is pure crud The sixties are next And retirement awaits Where did it go You're in a hell of a state Then someone says wryly You've had a good life 'Whatcha crabbing about?' But it still cuts like a knife These tender sweet moments You experience through time You'll remember them fondly And treasure the climb So hold on to them tightly They won't come again They're once in a lifetime They're to treasure my friend © Jack Ellison 2012