Missing Child

Written by: Thong Tran

My toys gone missing, my very youth at bay,
My smile not found; where they laugh and they play.
I tried for long, I hoped for share,
 But so, my joys are rare.
So then, I tried, to deceive my eyes,
To see a world, not saddened with lies.
And here I stand, alone in my love,
It came to me, a thundering above.
My darkest day, it was then and there,
They left my life, a mere broken pair.
But to which sense, I could not find,
A lasting confusion, it left behind.
So I curse the skies, the sun and the moon,
Condemned, but why, a certain good, so soon.
My visions now see, a quite truthful sight,
Of something in good, a demon in light.

(Just thought I'd share my twist on 'Alone' by Edgar Allen Poe)