My Little Pen

Written by: Lillie Williams

My Little Pen

I tried to think of something
To write down with my pen
Trying to write something special
That no one considered a sin
It amazes me all the things
This little pen can do
It can make you angry,
Happy, sad, or blue

This little pen I have
Has written many lines
Peace, joy heartaches
All combined
It tried to send a point 
Across to many soul
It wants to publish a story
Already untold

My little pen, can
Send you any message
It also sends you mysteries
And somehow keeps you guessing
My little pen can encourage
Any heart that’s feeling blue
It does the impossible
The unthinkable for
Me and you

My little pen can write
The truth or a lie
It can make you happy
Or even make you cry
It’s always up to me 
To guide it along the way
So it can accomplish
All the things I wish to say.