wake up

Written by: Robert Walker

who can you trust in times like these
when all you know are crooks and theives
but to your face they all put on an act 
and will slander you as soon as you turn your back
this can be a terrible world we are in 
always being double crossed by your so called friends
then finding out that you're the butt end of the joke
as you are being stabbed in the back by your own folks
life  has such a harsh lesson to be  learned
when  you are putting out so much and continue to get burned
but  there are trustworthy people out there somewhere 
out of everyone you know there is  always someone who cares
someone that will help you when you are out on a limb
so just make sure you haven’t already turned your back on them
remember evil can lurk in all genders and races
because everyone of us have at least two faces