Written by: olufunminiyi salawu

One sunny afternoon
Mooching about the streets to kill time,
Lo and behold! What did I see?
A damsel
A very pretty damsel walking the streets alone.
She had dark oily skin which glittered conspicuously
Under the espy of the hot sun
Her skin was without blemish and
Was as smooth as the sands of the Sahara.
She was nattily dressed in a blue-black gown
And a necklace of pearls was dangling from her neck.
She walked daintily about like a springbok
And had long graceful legs
And very piercing eyes.

By Jove!
This pretty damsel was the cynosure of all eyes
Even a sightless man would have been thrilled by her beauty
A monk would have forgotten his monastic vows
And fall for her charm on sighting her
For her beauty was beyond words.

I was held spell-bound by her beauty
She put me in a state of perpetual delirium
And immediately I wished she was mine
But then she was somebody elses'.