Gift from my Lord

Written by: Edmond Ornelas

                         She is mine
                   A gift from my Lord
                     She cares for me
                           She loves me
                                She teaches me
                    A gift from my lord
                       She gave me life
                             She gave me strength
                                   She took my fear away
              In days of thunder I was safe in her arms
  When tears fell a gentle brush of her hand and they were gone
       Decision need to be made her words of wisdom I hear
        I am never alone and always loved for she is here
                     I am blessed for she is mine
                      A gift from my lord
                 All that I have she has given me
                  A father that made me strong
          Brothers and sister to pass my time away
                 I know I don't say it enough
                            I Love You
                      Happy Birthday Mom
                     The gift from my Lord