Written by: Daniel Clark

Natures call in all it's wonders,_Flash of lighting roll of thunder.__O hear the sound of a distant Loon,_See the reflection on the lake of the moon.__Feel the wind blowing through the trees,_Smell the rain on the Breeze.__Lonesome sound of a Timber wolf's call,_Mating challenges of a Bull Moose in the Fall.__Hear the song of Frogs as they sing,_See the flash of a Duck as it takes wing.__O Mother Nature you can see is at her best,_See the beauty of a bedded Deer as it takes rest.__O thundering Creek Flooded high,_From the poring rain from the sky.__Watch the Rabbit dash through the brush,_For the Fox to catch him he must rush.__O Cougars snarl and Coyotes bark,_Whippoorwill's song and Bears in the dark.__Look at the Eagle up in the sky,_Searching on the ground for pray with a hunters eye.__Wiled flowers growing in the sun,_Bears fishing in a Creek when the Salmon run.__Up in the trees Squirrels play and have a ball,_O so please listen and see it all for there is so much  beauty in Nature's Call.