Child within

Written by: Shaz Cheesman

Let it out, screaming inside my head
Holding back the flood gates
Locked in underground cell to supress
The tears that dwell deep within 

A place where colours don’t exist
Starkness, isolation and sadness
Why visit such a space of gloom
When I can build storeys above

A tower of strength, sturdy and high
Stability and proud to the general eye
Exploring each level one at a time
Only very few find the truth inside

Strength based on fragile foundations
The child within reaching to be free
Powerless, ashamed and lost innocence
An adult who fears unlocking all the hurt

Denial is such an easy path to take
Beware the silent sadness that blooms
As the hurt from deep within emerges
Penetrating through the cracks

I want to unlock that cellar deep below
Look her in the eye embrace all she hides
Take her hand and set her free
Allow myself to finally become me