The walls

Written by: Elenushka Toledo

Life, here in the surroundings of my white walls, 
the walls that watch me while I pray, while I sing, 
While I dance and work in my little room, while
I cry. These white walls they know my life, only 
they cry with me or sing or pray or dance, they give
my life the warm feelings of hands. The colors
of my works the fabrics, the pen that moves my hand, 
the architect of my bones, the father, the "I AM", they
all live in me. Life, life is my big question! , life is the 
I AM, and the I AM is life. I gather here in my room 
all of my works, the good, the bad and the worst, 
they come alive with my help. Life in these white 
walls, "pink I rather say", ' I love pink' My sink full 
of dishes waiting to be washed, the flowers on my 
table growing roots, the doors and windows always 
on guard, the lamps that never cease to give me light, 
the sofa so exhausted of my exhausting body, the tree
near my window poking at me. Then the cry of a puppy 
I hear it all the time. My shop my objects; they dream 
and have their own mind, they wear the colors of life, 
they dress up and move my soul, 
I love how they love me backā€¦