Outlook Defined

Written by: Cecilia Macfarlane

With trepidation, a card from the Seer's deck, she drew
In hopes she get some insight on what she should do
Keep pursuing a guy that doesn't seem to want to commit
Continue to work two jobs, if not, then which to omit?

She flipped over a card and was overjoyed to see 'The Sun'
Predicting good health, happiness, love, vitality...all rolled into one
She cleared her mind and prepared to have her fortune read
Promising herself to take in stride everything the physic said.

Things are going good for you, your finances are in good shape.
Make that appointment with your financial advisor to avoid red tape 
All the hard work you put into your job is noticed by many
Your a natural in your field and your rewards will be plenty.

People are drawn to you because you always see the bright side
Radiate who you are and what you stand for, don't hold it inside 
In your life, you'll be able see the truth with a capital 'T'
You have the knowledge and life tools to be who you need to be

In love, relationships will reach new levels of connection, harmony and bliss
Don't put all your eggs in one basket,... girl please always remember this
Get out and enjoy your life, be your true self and let your intuition be your guide 
Everything happens for a reason, fretting about will only eat you up inside  

Your health and feelings of well-being are at a high point
Your attitude will be more positive, you'll feel less out of joint
The universe is conspiring in your favor, all  insecurities will be bid adieu
Good choices are adding up to create a great life, welcome to a new you!

Sponsor ~ Tracie- Indigo Dreamweaver
Contest Name	~ Tarot Poem
Tarot card ~ 'The Sun'