The waving

Written by: Elenushka Toledo

I’m here , you are there,  a vessel  waving in our veins, 
the hours  that count my significant life, the constant 
image of  thy, you!. You are the title of my book,
of my memento, how I seek thee in the little things I see, 
your  face  there in the body of a grasshopper, 
a  butterfly, a nectar flower, any where I look, 
I see the endless of your  profound eyes,
in the landscape of my deserted life.

Where do you go and where do I look, 
it is not that I worship thy, but  that I need to live.  
I’m dressed with the vision of the bride, to be in vain, 
who  told me I was his , "I can lie all I want 
I can pretend all I want", why are you so vivid?
I know is all  an illusion, theres nothing real there.

You are gone and I am here trying to dismiss the fact 
of your cruelness, the smell of your last day in my true, 
in my illusion, the fantasy I created to replace the 
pain that follows my aching body.