Written by: Jack Ellison

If asked to define the word “dorky”
I guess I'd describe it like this
Wearing stripes and checks together
A sight you surely can't miss

I'm not the ultimate style leader
But at least I do have some taste
Aside from an occasional style faux pas
At times when I dress in haste

Never be seen in horn rimmed glasses
An extreme example of dorkyness
White Adidas with black knee high socks 
Now that's really hard to digest

When mom gets really behind in her chores
Hasn't washed my coordinate attire
Forced to wear stuff a little bit dorky 
Not something to which I aspire

If asked to define the word “dorky”
Usually try to describe it like this
Stripes, checks and horn rimmed glasses
An example of ignorant bliss

© Jack Ellison 2012