Back on board

Written by: Elenushka Toledo

Intoxicated with 
evergreen trees, 
and gentle suave kisses, 

Like winter 
I clinch every layer 
of the roses, 
and they ease my 
nautical loneliness, 

Seas of madness 
steering dresses 
of petals, 

I cruise in the fresh 
smell of 
the naked ocean, 
adorn in red, 

But with bitter sounds, 
and a dark 
crest of abandon droplets, 

Hardened by lust, 
I go climb on 
my own journey, 

LUNA Y SOL burning, 
and freezing EL TIEMPO, 
And I caressing my fur, 

Delightful filled 
with streams 
of drowning hearts, 

Yellow by my weaken body,
like the fish taking 
a last breathe, 

Energy fastened to my soul, 
quickly and slowly I
clutch myself back on board.