Tribute to Lennon

Written by: Michael Hilario

They say you are the walrus
Watching the wheels go round and round
As you imagine the world how it should be
But I know you’re John 

You ask to give peace a chance
In a world full of war
And you say all we need is love
In a world full of hate

Your guitar and your piano says it all
The mind of a genius
Sung in a lonely melody
But then they say you’re crazy

I know you just think differently
And I know you have a lot of questions
The only problem you got is that you are a victim
The system of this world trapped you

Well beautiful Boy
Daddy may not come home 
But a goodbye to your mother isn’t forever 
And you’re not the Loser after all

In your life there is a lesson
Mother and father please listen
A child inside a man is trapped longing
For the love that he deserve from his folks 
You’re life may have a lot of lucky and bad 9
But your legend made you immortal
To the minds of the people a hero
Your mind games gave them something to hold on to

A news was rather sad and a song may be out of tune
In a day in your life
Then you hit the front page again, a mysterious killer 
End your life, but it is just the beginning

You gave the Beatle legacy of youthful fun
Then you leave us something to imagine and dream
And in the end a legacy of your mindful energy
Something the youth can think of……what would life be without John Lennon